About Us

Wings Enterprizes. Ltd. Co. was established November 14, 1995 for the sole purpose of sales and service of aircraft. In December 1995 Wings Enterprizes moved their offices to Sundance Airport, located in northwest Oklahoma City. We have operated since then at this location.

The primary focus of aircraft sales has revolved around the purchase of aircraft, refurbishment, both mechanical and cosmetic, and then presenting them back to the marketplace for sale. 

Wings Enterprizes also works in the capacity of a broker of individually and corporately owned aircraft, assessing the value of each aircraft then recommending a course of action to bring the quickest possible sale and best financial gain for our customers. For an evaluation of what your aircraft might bring on today's market, contact us and we will advise you of your aircraft's value. 

During 22 years of operation, Wings Enterprizes has established working partnerships with many aircraft mechanics, pilots, and other marketing entities.